Intentions for our collective
2021 Jamaica Retreat
overlooking the Caribbean sea . . .


Spirit is at the helm of everything I do; I show up as Spirit; the energy of Spirit is the foundation of our retreat design; love and happiness; spiritual satisfaction and fulfillment; Spirit-led, Spirit-guided; self-connection and evolvement; absolute spiritual harmony 



Center happiness within myself; relaxation, release, and renewal; experience an authentic connection with Self; have great fun generating the next great version of myself; playfulness, laughter, expansion, evolution, and elevation; relaxation, regeneration, and transformation to my next level of greatness; absolute spiritual harmony



Designing new ceremonies that are meaningful to those of us who are gathered together; happiness in relationships; creating boundaries that lead to self-care; I am the key and inspiration for someone’s transformation and elevation; having a deeper relationship with collective consciousness; harmony; express love; absolute spiritual harmony; forgiveness and forgiving of myself and others to heal


Life Work

Absolute spiritual harmony; happiness is everything; alignment with I AM; Being and following Spirit; courage to become all that I know I can Be and to realize and manifest my dreams; serving, Being, and abundance; Being resonates with me



Absolute spiritual harmony; happiness blesses everyone; we are one; healing childhood, family, collective and generational trauma; collective healing resonates with me; healing and love in action now; togetherness and peace; creating a new Earth consciousness

Jamaica Retreat Intentions
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