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We want to thank everyone who participated in our inaugural Certification Gateway Session for people who want to become certified CLDSystems facilitators. We appreciate your high energy, genuine interest, and commitment to doing this work.


As we build capacity, we already see you fulfilling your intentions and joining with us to bring CLD Systems to people everywhere
on the planet. 



Conscious Life Design Systems Certification Program

Our certification program is for anyone who is ready to apply and practice CLDSystems beyond the Lifeshop experience. To qualify, you must show evidence of using CLDSystems in your life, and attend two (2) Lifeshops. 


The program requires completion of a structured practicum and participation in three intensive training sessions. Upon completion of the program, you will be certified to co-lead Introductions and Lifeshops with our staff and other certified facilitators.

Registration for the next 12-month certification program will be announced in January 2023.   

Qualifying candidates will receive a full certification package upon submitting initial payments as outlined on the PAY & SHOP page.



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