God has already designed us marvelously, perfectly, magnificently as we are made in the image likeness of God. When we have surrendered to the Divine design for our lives, the Divine core within us expresses brilliantly at all times. This way of  living is a fertile context for spontaneity, synchronicity, and serendipity . . . commonly known as creativity. 
                                      Bernette L. Jones
About the Online Lifeshop 

This experience offers people the opportunity to learn and apply the essential tools of Conscious Life Design Systems in four learning modules. Each module begins with an online session held via Zoom remote conferencing service and hosted by CLDSystems facilitators (see the Module schedule). Therefore, you will need to get the Zoom app for your laptop/computer and phone, to maximum your options for joining weekly sessions.

You will receive a Lifeshop workbook at the beginning of the first module as well as other resources to use throughout this experience. In addition, certified Lifeshop facilitators will be available for offline“anchoring" support and to assist you in completing exercises assigned for each module.

We cover the same topics, discussions, and exercises in four modules as presented in the 6-hour face-to-face Lifeshop. The biggest difference from the face-to-face Lifeshop is that you will have more time to work with the CLDSystems tools and to ingest all the information covered from one module to the next.

Welcome to the Online Lifeshop!

It fills us with unspeakable joy to invite you into the exciting world of Conscious Life Design Systems (CLDSystems). During our time together, you will explore what it means to design your life from your intentions, rather than from circumstances, from the spiritual essence of who you really are. In this process, you will experience proven techniques to live in the conscious moment called NOW. You will also learn to recognize and ultimately master your own “self-talk” and discover new ways to stay centered, focused and fully present in the life you say you want.


Conscious Life Design Systems is a practical, principle based approach to living that allows Spirit to express who you really are. Fantastic things happen when you realize your divinity. You become absolutely confident, assured, bold and clear about your abilities to make dreams come true. Regardless of your circumstances, you come to realize that you are actually living the LIFE that you were meant to live, consciously, deliberately and intentionally.


Although we will cover every topic in the workbook, we request that you continue to use it and expand on initial thoughts, impressions and observations received in the Lifeshop. It is our prayer that you will allow us to continue to support and assist you in the exploration and use of this system by planning to attend Conscious Life Design Systems tune-up sessions, retreats, and other events.


Make sure to read more About the Online Lifeshop in the sidebar, and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Much love and many blessings on your life design journey!

Essential Questions

  1. What are the thoughts you are holding that are producing your experiences and running your life and relationships?

  2. How do you build your capacity to live from your intentions and exercise your sovereignty over circumstances and external forces?

  3. What are the practices you can cultivate to stay anchored in and focused on your intentions as you navigate interpersonal, intrapersonal, familial experiences and institutional, systemic and environmental conditions?


Learning Outcomes

  1. Deepen your inquiry/learning around conscious being, living, and leadership.

  2. Continue to apply tools for locating yourself in your life, becoming conscious of your self-talk, setting clear intentions, staying anchored and focused on your intentions.

Click on the above link to register for group and individual Online Lifeshops. The registration fee includes ​the Online Lifeshop experience, the Lifeshop Workbook, and Conscious Life Design Systems anchoring support. Upon registering, you will receive a confirmation email with a Content Agreement and Consent form to complete before the first scheduled Zoom session. Once we receive your signed Consent form, you will then receive a follow-up email with  links to all Zoom sessions outlined below.

Module 1: Overview & Locating Ourselves

1st Zoom Session: Lifeshops begin promptly at designated start times.

About the Zoom Room: You are responsible for downloading the Zoom app to your device and learning how it works. We will open the Lifeshop Zoom room 30 minutes before start times so that you can acclimate to the space.

Context: Please listen to the video interview below before the Lifeshop begins​.

Rev. Sherri James' Interview with Bernette L. Jones, "Create the Life You Want"


  1. After registering for the online Lifeshop and prior to the first Zoom session, you will receive a Content Agreement and Consent form via email. Please sign the form (using an e-signature or scanned signature) and return it to your host facilitator before the first Zoom session.

  2. Upon receiving your Consent form, we will email a link to the online Zoom session and the Lifeshop Workbook PDF, which you will use throughout this experience--and beyond. It is yours to use for a lifetime.

  3. In addition to the Workbook, consider keeping a journal to record your thoughts, revelations, experiences, etc.

Activities (in the Lifeshop Workbook)

  1. Anchoring into the space

  2. Conscious Life Design Systems overview and storytelling

  3. Creating agreements

  4. Location exercise

Module 2: Processing Self-Talk & Release Pyramid #1


  1. Reading on "Discovering Self Talk"

  2. Completing the Self Talk exercise

  3. Completing the Release Pyramid #1 

  4. 1-on-1 anchoring for the Release Pyramid with a Lifeshop facilitator 

  5. In addition to using the Notes page in the Lifeshop Workbook, consider keeping a journal of your Self Talk revelations.

Module 3: Processing Release Pyramids, Intentions Pyramid #2
                  & Rich Jewels Pyramid #3


  1. Processing Release Pyramids

  2. Distinguishing intentions from goals

  3. Completing the Intentions Pyramid #2

  4. Sharing and processing intentions

  5. Reading on "Rich Jewels"  

  6. Completing the Rich Jewels exercise

  7. Completing the Rich Jewels Pyramid #3

Module 4: Time Reframing Pyramid #4


  1. Sharing Rich Jewels

  2. Reading and completing exercises on "Time Reframing"

  3. Completing Time Reframing Pyramid #4

  4. Completion and next steps

  5. Closing 

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