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About Online Lifeshops

Each learning module begins with an online session held via Zoom remote conferencing service. Therefore, you will need to download the Zoom app for your laptop/computer and/or phone, to join module sessions. If you are new to Zoom technology, we encourage you to learn how it works before your Lifeshop begins.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with a Content Agreement and Consent form to complete before the first scheduled Zoom session. Once we receive your signed Consent form, you will then receive a follow-up email with the Lifeshop schedule, links to Zoom sessions, and the Workbook.


We will open the Lifeshop Zoom room 30 minutes before start times so that you can acclimate to the space.


Certified Lifeshop facilitators will be available for offline anchoring support and to assist you in completing exercises assigned for each module.

Welcome to the Lifeshop Experience!

Over the years we have witnessed how this emerging model for personal transformation and leadership has helped teens and adults throughout the U.S. make systemic and lasting changes in their lives. We have witnessed people in tough situations and people at the top of their game use Conscious Life Design Systems to develop successful businesses, overcome health challenges, heal from trauma, realize financial increase, improve relationships, and do the unthinkable.  


The Lifeshop experience offers you the opportunity to learn and apply the essential tools of Conscious Life Design Systems in four learning modules. After registering, you will receive a workbook and other resources to use throughout this experience. A team of certified Lifeshop facilitators will lead the experience and assist you in completing exercises assigned for each module. We cannot say what will happen for you; it's different for each person. But you can expect to experience a loving sacred space, an authentic experience, and an opportunity to live into your own divine unfoldment. Facilitators are also available for individual anchoring services after Lifeshops. 

Both online and in-person Lifeshops cover the same topics, discussions, and exercises. In-person Lifeshops run for @ 6 hours with built-in breaks and lunch time. We also offer 8-hour, 4-day, 7-day, and 4-week online Lifeshops. Read more about online Lifeshops in the sidebar. The biggest difference with multi-day and 4-week online Lifeshops is that you will have more time to work with CLDSystems tools and to ingest all the information covered from one module to the next. Upon request, we offer in-person and online Lifeshops for individuals, couples, and private groups.


The registration fee includes ​the Lifeshop experience, the Workbook, and Certified Facilitator anchoring support. After your first Lifeshop, you can repeat the experience as often as you choose at a reduced cost.

Essential Questions

  1. What are the thoughts you are holding that are producing your experiences and running your life and relationships?

  2. How do you build your capacity to live from your intentions and exercise your sovereignty over circumstances and external forces?

  3. What are the practices you can cultivate to stay anchored in and focused on your intentions as you navigate interpersonal, intrapersonal, familial experiences and institutional, systemic, and environmental conditions?


Learning Outcomes

  1. Deepen your inquiry/learning around conscious being, living, and leadership.

  2. Continue to apply tools for locating yourself in your life, becoming conscious of your self-talk, setting clear intentions, staying anchored and focused on your intentions.

Module 1: Overview & Locating Ourselves

Lifeshops begin promptly at designated start times. Because each module builds on the previous module, you must be present at the beginning of the Lifeshop. And, to get the full benefit of all that this experience offers, plan to be present from beginning to end.

Context: Please listen to the video interview below, "Create the Life You Want," with Conscious Life Design Systems Founder, Bernette L. Jones, and hosted by Rev. Sherri James before the Lifeshop begins​.


In addition to the Workbook, consider keeping a journal to record your thoughts, revelations, experiences, etc.


  1. Anchoring into the space

  2. Conscious Life Design Systems overview and storytelling

  3. Creating agreements

  4. Location exercise

Module 2: Processing Self-Talk & Release Pyramid #1


  1. Reading on "Discovering Self Talk"

  2. Completing the Self Talk exercise

  3. Completing the Release Pyramid #1 

  4. 1-on-1 anchoring for the Release Pyramid with a Lifeshop facilitator 

  5. In addition to using the Notes page in the Lifeshop Workbook, consider keeping a journal of your Self Talk revelations.

Module 3: Processing Release Pyramids, Intentions Pyramid #2
& Rich Jewels Pyramid #3


  1. Processing Release Pyramids

  2. Distinguishing intentions from goals

  3. Completing the Intentions Pyramid #2

  4. Sharing and processing intentions

  5. Reading on "Rich Jewels"  

  6. Completing the Rich Jewels exercise

  7. Completing the Rich Jewels Pyramid #3

Module 4: Time Reframing Pyramid #4


  1. Sharing Rich Jewels

  2. Reading and completing exercises on "Time Reframing"

  3. Completing Time Reframing Pyramid #4

  4. Completion and next steps

  5. Closing 

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