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About Consciousness Agency

Consciousness Agency is a community of professionals who come together for the purpose of offering fresh ideas, insights, innovations and shaping new approaches to working with and serving people, based on principles of consciousness development. Our intention is to be a powerful agent of transformation, altering the ways that we impact public and human services efforts locally, nationally and globally.


Members of our community work in multifaceted areas of service, including faith based, education, health, social services, workforce development, addiction recovery, prison reentry, community planning, public policy, business & entrepreneurship, industries, finance, media, and entertainment. 

We are not here to save the world.  We think that the world perhaps does not require “saving” as much as a high powered inspiration that moves people to be consciously aware of how much they already are, how much they already have, and how much they can do with what they already have. We are conscious participants in the shift and evolution of consciousness that is happening within the minds and lives of people worldwide right now.

We are here to help each other see the inner resources, the ”imprisoned splendor” that can move minds toward self responsibility and conscious participation in receiving ideas and new thoughts that advance self, families, communities and the whole of humanity.  


What we are here to do is demonstrate some principle based possibilities that the world, maybe, has not thought of yet and not seen demonstrated as a real possibility, yet.  We are focused on ideas that help develop consciousness within people and thereby empower them to see new possibilities for themselves in ways that guide them to take new actions.


We understand that as people learn to think and feel differently about themselves and what is occurring in their own lives and the world around them, they may make different choices that cause them to rise up and lift their vision to greater horizons. They will know that they have the ability to contribute more, to serve more and, yes, to receive more.


We understand that people, all people, have within them a powerful reservoir of energy, ability and intelligence; a concentration of consciousness that is capable of attracting and addressing any experience they may encounter in the natural flow of life.


Quantum physics tells us that how we perceive and what we believe establishes a preconception that impacts what outcomes we can expect to witness in our universe of experiences. Our intentional preconception is that we are a stand for people knowing that they are capable of realizing optimal wellness in every area of life. We are a stand for people already being their highest, best and greatest potential. 


The Consciousness Agency Applications


  1. The design of consciousness raising curricula for professionals in fields that touch people who are seeking to move their lives forward in new directions. These may include but not limited to: faith based, education, health, social services, workforce development, substance abuse, prison reentry, community planning, public policy, business & entrepreneurship, industries, media, entertainment.  We see these credentialed professionals as leaders in their ability to infuse new ideas and concepts of self care, personal responsibility and capability into the work they currently are doing with people. Offering a system of continuing education units is a compelling incentive for professionals to entertain refreshing ideas that can re energize their understanding.

  2. Research, design, development, pilot and document new models and approaches that show how principle based thinking, consciousness growth and inner self exploration may impact intentions, focus, ability, effectiveness and accomplishments. Such models may include but not be limited to: Conscious Life Design, Living Praise Meditation, and Worshipful Work

  3. Sponsor consciousness think tanks, symposiums, conferences, interaction and collaborative efforts among Consciousness Agency professionals and academic and research institutions currently exploring consciousness and application possibilities for the future. 

  4. Conduct research on model programs currently proven effective that can be enhanced and enriched by the conscious thinking paradigm.

  5. Operate model programs, trainings and special events that serve people directly, outreach to the community and also teach people principles, possible applications, and test innovations.

  6. Provide consciousness, direction and services for global humanitarian efforts.

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