Conscious Life Design Systems

Conscious Life Design Systems is a principle-based, living system that supports you to live from your intentions, rather than from circumstances. This

self-paced system empowers you to experience whatever you say you want from the spiritual essence of who you really are.


Experience amazing results as you learn to use Conscious Life Design Systems processes and power tools, and participate in a loving, dedicated spiritual maintenance support network. It all begins with the Lifeshop experience and then the Certification Program.

Time Reframing

In Conscious Life Design Systems we make the distinction between time management and time reframing, which is a process for becoming conscious of how you are using your time and how you can actually create and design time in your life to realize your intentions.

Rich Jewels

During the Lifeshop experience, you will learn how to design and apply rituals, or rather "rich jewels" as power tools for keeping you consciously aligned with the intentions you hold for your life. Visit our Store for a few Rich Jewel gems.

Building Pyramids in Consciousness


Conscious Life Design Systems gives you a structure, order, and processes to live fully into your intentions. We use the 4-sided pyramid structure in a self-paced process to become clear about self talk and to activate life designs on 5 levels: spiritual, personal, relationships, life work, and community.

The Conscious Life Design Systems Team

Bernette Jones, Founder

Adrienne Noel

L. Nef'fahtiti Partlow-Myrick

Nichole Person

"Create the Life You Want" interview with Bernette, hosted by Rev. Sherri James

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