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Consciousness Agency is a community of professionals who come together for the purpose of offering fresh ideas, insights, innovations and shaping new approaches to working with and serving people, based on principles of consciousness development. Our intention is to be a powerful agent of transformation, altering the ways that we impact public and human services efforts locally, nationally and globally.

Conscious Life Design Systems
Services & Products

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The Lifeshop

This emerging model for transformation and leadership builds your capacity to design and live the life you say you want rignt now.

Conscious Life Design Systems
Leaders Retreats 

This retreat offers people who have taken a Lifeshop an opportunity to regenerate on every level while delving deeply into the principles, practices, and processes of our system. 


Tune-up Sessions

This session is specifically designed ONLY for people who have completed a Conscious Life Design Systems Lifeshop. Remember how you felt when you discovered that you can design your own life? 

Co-Facilitator Certification Program

We invite you to become a part of our growing international community of certified Conscious Life Design Systems Facilitators.



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on retreat plans for 2022.

Conscious Life Design Systems

The core of our community shows people how principle based thinking, consciousness growth, and self exploration can impact intentions and effectiveness at every level of your life.